Main dish

Romaine lettuce with grilled chicken and croutons (Caesar salad)

price: 29.00 PLN

Aubergine schnitzel stuffed with cheese and grilled tomatoes, served with rocket and Parmesan salad

price: 33.00 PLN

Stove-roasted honey duck with wine apple, served on beetroot and raspberries and with fried potato dumplings

price: 59.00 PLN

Goose leg baked in its own fat, served on wine-cooked red cabbage

price: 59.00 PLN

Stuffed chicken leg stuffing with goose liver, potato puree, demi-glace sauce with blackberries, green beans with almonds

price: 46.00 PLN

Grilled beef tenderloin and herbal butter, served with grilled vegetables

price: 52.00 PLN

Pepper tenderloin steak with assortment of green lettuces and roast potatoes

price: 62.00 PLN

Beef cheeks for sweet potato puree, caramelized root vegetables

price: 44.00 PLN

Boned lamb cutlets and rice sprinkled with pomegranate juice, served with caramelised courgette

price: 69.00 PLN

Baked pork knuckle on sauerkraut, Silesian noodles, strong horseradish sauce

price: 52.00 PLN

Sea bass fried in olive oil with garlic and hot peppers

price: 71.00 PLN

Cod baked with tomatoes and spinach

price: 45.00 PLN
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